book review for how to measure anything by douglas hubbard

Here is the link of the book: How to Measure Anything”

The book review must be between 7-8 double spaced pages (Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1-

inch margins). In the review, the student must (1) summarize the main findings and economic

concepts used by the author in each section, (2) write about what the student found most interesting,

(3) Relate the book’s material to at least 6 topics covered in the course, (4) come up with a criticism

of the book (something the student thinks is wrong, something unconving, etc.) and (4) a question

the student would have liked to see the author address. Be sure to have each component in the book

report. Grammar and spelling count.

Please use MLA format if there is citing, and do not plagiarism.

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