engineering design part iii

Generate Solutions

(I did parts 1 and 2 and will attach them)

All your research should be done by now. Look over all the information you’ve gathered, and generate a solution for the chosen sub-problem. You can brainstorm ideas, fine-tune them, and then narrow the list down as you compile the information you’ve put together by researching the problem, the criteria, and the constraints.

Based on the data collected from your sources, propose at least two solutions to the chosen sub-problem. You should describe how this sub-problem will be solved, the rationale behind this solution, and how the prioritization helped determine this solution. There should also be an explanation of how both solutions to this sub-problem would play a role in solving part of the larger problem.

What to submit?

  1. The two solutions being proposed for the chosen sub-problem.
  2. A description of how the sub-problem can be solved, and the rationale and research supporting each solution.
  3. An explanation of how prioritization was involved in designing each solution.
  4. An explanation of how both solutions to the sub-problem play a role in solving the larger problem.
  5. A finalized citation page of the sources (at least three) you used for research, following the MLA style guide.

Choose a method to present your assignment. You may submit your work in a Word document

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