essay quot the challenge of poverty and homelessness and common good at the global level quot

Extending your work from Assignment 2, write a 1200 word paper that briefly critiques a global issue (i.e., the issue or challenge you chose for Assessment 2) where shared responsibility for the common good is not being realised (approx. 300 words) and then, propose ways to address this challenge (approx.. 900 words) in your professional community, locally and globally.

(NB: Emphasis is on your proposed ways to address the challenge because some of the critique will have been covered in Assignment 2).

Assignment 2, Rubric, Additional reading materials are attached. Basically in the second assignment we talked about the problems and in this assignment have to discuss solutions.

Please Note: In order to achieve a higher grade you will need to demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the Common Good and its relationship to other CST principles, particularly Human Dignity. Your discussion should demonstrate how Advocacy and Community Engagement may contribute to your proposed solution.

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