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Egoism is the ethical theory that believes that since the rest of the world is already acts out in selfishness, then it is moral for one to act with their best interest in mind. This theory not only unjustly relies on the circular reasoning that it is moral to be selfish simply because everyone else is, but it also incorrectly states that it is moral for one to put their own interests, wants, and needs above those of everyone else in this world. In an argument between an individual versus a community, the community will always supersede the individual. Procrastination is my form of egoism. I am a huge procrastinator because I would rather be doing something that I enjoy, rather than finishing assignments that need to be done. While this form of egoism does give instant gratification, it has a major weakness. When the time comes for me to actually complete tasks and assignments, I have procrastinated to the very last minute, leaving me not enough time to proper complete assignments and giving myself enormous amounts of stress and anxiety.

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