case study essay for sports professional franchise operation class

Case Study

Over the course of the semester, you will create a comprehensive case study of a selected franchise. This case study will examine one or more critical issues facing the selected franchise and its performance against a variety of metrics of your choosing. The case study also may analyze the effectiveness of ownership and managerial structures, key personnel, organizational innovation and structural advantages or disadvantages of the franchise.The written case should be 10 pages in length. It should contain significant amounts of statistical or comparative analysis in addition to a textural overview of the franchise selected. At a minimum, 25 reputable sources must be used for the case study plus a comprehensive Works Cited page in MLA format.

Measurement analysis As a precursor to the Case Study, on four occasions you will select several articles or sources and develop a brief analysis on a key business topic and analyze your franchise against this key metric or topic. These metrics will include: Gross Revenue and Ancillary Revenue; Attendance vs. Capacity; Market Challenges and Opportunities; and Player Costs and Acquisition Philosophy.

Below i attached my measurements analyses,This are what i analyzed during the year

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