answer 2 questions provide sources

For this assignment you will read the summary and answer the 2 question. Please respond with 100 words each. When you answer the questions please show reasoning, thinking and provide a college source for each response.Melaniesse

The Book:

Overused one-liners in business are lies, damn lies, and statistics. The dissociation of the hidden observer is a type of altered state. People claim that society knows something about there being another side. This is through a phenomenon known as perithanatic or Near-Death Experiences. The quest for immorality is not restricted to the religious. To extend our life significantly, we have to understand the causes of death. People believe aliens crashed near Rosewell, New Mexico in 1947.

Near-Death Experiences Video:

NDE shows evidence that the mind can live on after the brain has stopped functioning. The brain is the producers of consciousness. When a someone interviewed cardiac arrest patients only 4 out of 63 people had near-deagth experiences. They are connected because both authors beliceve that there is another sides that they go to after they dies.

Alien Video:

The have long and slender fingers. They also look like an insect. Toby’s dog, Brownie, A womans husband believes that scientists want to know the that the brain makes us conscious.The connection between husband and wife was changed after he developed feelings for this alien. Its connected because of the description of the alien abduction they describe the alien and what happned to them in the UFO.


1) What do you think and feel about near-death experiences?

2) If aliens are not real then; why does society assume they are true?

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