annotated bibliography 245

Purpose: To begin research for the Final Paper and practice finding and summarizing scholarly sources. For the final, you will dig more deeply into Jeff Chang’s use of slang in We Gon’ Be Alright, and answer this question to focus your research: “Beyond the normal attention brought by breaking rules, what purpose(s) does the use of slang serve in Chang’s work, We Gon’ Be Alright?”

Make use of:
this example Annotated Bibliography from Hacker, including notes on formatting and content.


  1. Refer to your Module Three Journal Assignment entry for further detail about how to interrogate sources for Annotated Bibliography summaries.
  2. List at least five sources in your Annotated Bibliography.
  3. At least two of your sources must be scholarly (peer-reviewed).
  4. Two of the peer-reviewed sources must be from the SMC Library Databases, as described in the introduction to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Practice Timed Essay. Limit your search to scholarly sources in the “advanced search” function within the Academic Search Premier Databases. Cite the online database (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. correctly. Do not simply copy article summaries given in some databases; this amounts to plagiarism. Read, digest, and summarize the articles on your own, and emphasize in your summaries what matters to you.
  5. Title your Annotated Bibliography so that both the social problem or essay you are addressing and the solution or thesis you are proposing are clear to the reader.

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