technical writing how does an oven air fryer work

Please assist with a technical writing assignment titled: How does an Oven Air-fryer work?

Document formatting instructions:

1. The document should have its own title page (name of object or process being described and your name). It should not be an APA title page with running head, etc.–this is not a research paper.

2. Single-space (1.0 line spacing) all text in the documents.

3. Use Times New Roman 12-point font.

4. 500-800 words

5. At least one graphic is required.

6. Write in third-person point of view. Don’t use the following pronouns: I, me, my, we, our, us, you, your, you’re.

7. Use the questions below in your document as subtitles and put the answers underneath each question:

  • What is the object or process?
  • How is it defined?
  • What does the object or process do?
  • What does the object or process look like?
  • What is the object made of? (if you are describing an object and not a process)
  • How does the object or process work?
  • Why should the reader be interested in your object or process

Organization and Formatting:

Your technical description should have the following sections:

~ Title

~ Introduction (general information, including definitions)

~ Body (identifying and explaining the parts and characteristics)

~ Conclusion (summary of how the parts work together)

Consider one of these styles of organization in planning and organizing your description:

*Functions in spatial order –

o This style might be used when you want readers to describe an object or process

according to its physical layout. For example, in describing an acoustic guitar, you might start with the tuners at the top and work your way to the bridge near the bottom.

*Functions in order of importance –

*This style would be used if you want to highlight the most important functions

first, the next most important functions second, etc. For example, in describing a flatscreen television set, you might start with the pixels, which make up the picture, and then proceed to describe other functions.

*Functions in chronological order –

o This style would be used if you want to describe the object or process according

to time. For example, in describing a how spark plugs work, you might start with what happens first (electrons flowing from the ignition coil) what happens second (the voltage difference that occurs), what happens third, etc.

In addition, the document should be single-spaced.

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