discussion question 599

1: In a blog post on the Forbes website, USC professor and organizational scholar Edward Lawler III names the following HR practices and functions as “significantly associated with a stronger strategic role for HR” (Lawler, 2012):

  1. The use of information technology
  2. Focusing on HR talent development
  3. Having HR activities that focus on organization design, organization development, change management, employee development, and metrics
  4. Using computer systems for training and development
  5. Having effective HR metrics and analytics
  6. Having an HR staff with technical, organizational dynamics, business partner, and metrics skills

Select one of these practices/functions, and explain how it creates a stronger strategic role for HRM departments and personnel.

Cited source (Optional): Lawler, E. III (2012). Corporate Strategy: How HR Can Become a Player. Forbes. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/edwardlawler/2012/08/15/corporate-strategy-how-hr-can-become-a-player/

Week 2: Do a little research a find an example of where HRM strategy is well aligned with corporate strategy. Explain how the HRM

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