statistic questions 13

please answer the attached questions and please show your work.


The questions are structured as multiple answers, multiple choice, fill in the blank(s), true-false, or so-called hot spots, which require you to click on an area of an image to answer a question. Because grading of this assignment is automated, it is important in cases of fill-in-the-blank(s) questions that you spell your answers correctly or it will be scored incorrect. Also, when you have to generate a response to fill a blank, do not include any extra information other than what is exactly called for by the question (for example, if the answer is the number “1110”, typing in “1,100” will be scored as incorrect by Blackboard because it includes an unnecessary comma; an unnecessary space(“1 100”) would similarly be marked incorrect. If we see instances like this we will change them to correct, but we do not always catch these issues nor do students themselves, so best to avoid them altogether!

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