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review some of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least 2 of your classmates. Your responses to others should be at least 100 words in length and substantive.

Student One

What do you think about this woman’s condition and disorder?

I can’t help but feel sorry for this poor woman. I think that it is so sad that with today’s knowledge and understanding of people with possible mental conditions that no one was able to help her or direct her to someone who could help her. She is obviously suffering from some type of delusion and just because there is no physical evidence of what she claims is happening to her, doesn’t mean that she deserves to be locked up, thrown away and stripped of her rights as a mother and all her belongings.

Who should define abnormality?

Abnormalities should be defined by Clinical Psychologists using the DSM.

What motivations, if any, might encourage various groups to seek to influence this definition?
Motivations can be anything from money, research, concern, etc. Pharmaceutical companies would benefit the most from additional abnormalities being added to the DSM and additional drugs being developed to cure or rectify them. Researchers would want a part in this definition because they are the one’s putting in the work to collect the data. And clinical psychologist are motivated by their concern for their patients and wanting to help them.

Now, what do you think about Molly, the client?

Molly is obviously suffering from Morgellon’s Disease or a delusional infestation.

What issues in diagnosis does this raise?

It’s obvious to see that her MD and her psychiatrist didn’t take the time to research the correct diagnosis. In addition, neither referred her to a clinical psychologist that was more appropriate for the situation she was facing.

What other psychological diagnoses does this information bring into question for you?

It makes me wonder if all of the people that are currently in a mental hospital would still be there if they had received the right diagnosis from the right professional.


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Student Two

A woman named Molly was seen for symptoms of bugs crawling all over her body. Her family was not taking her seriously and went to the doctor to see what she could do. The doctor told her there was nothing he could do for her. She would scratch at the bugs and she would collect dirt under her nails that were evidence and would get it tested. She scratched so much that she used raid and other bug sprays to keep the bugs away. Her psychiatrist admitted her to a mental hospital due to her delusional mind.

Molly condition comes from Morgellons disease. Morgellons disease is a condition where a person feels that something is crawling, stinging, and biting on their skin (Morgellons Research Foundation, n.d.). The people with Morgellons disease may have skin lesions that do not heal due to their scratching (Morgellons Research Foundation, n.d.). I feel that Molly is delusional but does suffer from this disease. She needs the proper care to help stop her mental disease.

I do not think that this condition is a normal behavior. If Molly seeks professional help from a psychologist, they can determine the abnormality of her behavior. I think that Molly needs to seek help to stop the scratching and the imaginary bugs. The issues with this disease are that the scratching gets worse and becomes common. She could keep scratching and scar her skin. The behaviors could get worse and her mental state breaks down even more.

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