annotated bibliography mla style

For this assignment you will create a Annotated Bibliography in MLA Style. You need to provide 5 peer-reviewed journals credible sources . The topic is on Rhetorical Analysis . You cannot use Google Scholar, Opposing Viewpoints, Taking Sides, Encyclopedias, News Sources including newspapers and magazines are not acceptable sources. I have attached a sample annotated doc, and 2 videos on annotated bibliography that will help n this assignment .Please only bid if you are familiar with Annotated Bibliography in MLA Style.

Points to remember

Please provide 5 sources and make sure that it is MLA format (including alphabetizing & order of info.). Make sure that the summaries include relevant information,grammar, style, & usage.Please state the points presented in the source. For example, do not announce the point.Instead, give me the actual effects presented in the article. In addition, please keep direct quoting to a minimum, but do use quotation marks when borrowing word for word and do cite the page number from which you quoted. While the length of each summary depends on the length of the source, most should be about ½ a page typed, double-spaced.

Please label the cover sheet

Name: Master Muhammad

Teacher: Professor Wilson

Course: English 101

2 Videos:

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