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After you have completed the assigned Readings for Unit 6, post your initial response to the following Discussion topic (please complete BOTH A and B). Your primary post should be no less than 350 words in length. Your primary post must be specific, concise, and substantive.

Unit 6 Discussion Topic (please complete BOTH A and B)

Topic 1: Frequency, Duration, Interval

For each of the three most commonly utilized behavior recording procedures reviewed in this unit (Frequency, Duration, Interval), describe a fictional scenario and problem behavior that is operationally defined and would best be measured for each of them. Be sure to discuss specifics as to why a particular behavior recording procedure is best suited for that scenario and problem behavior.

Choose one of the Indirect Assessment tools reviewed in Chapter 7 and discuss the behavioral principles that are being evaluated with that specific tool. Describe how that particular tool can be useful in teasing out potentially controlling variables and reinforcing stimuli associated with problem behaviors.

Only resource to be used is

Steege, M. W., & Watson, T. S. (2009) Conducting school-based functional behavioral assessments, 2nd Edition. New York: The Guilford Press.

Chapter 6: “Observing and Recording Behavior”

Chapter 7: “Indirect Functional Behavioral Assessment”

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