commenting on 2 discussion about ferguson missouri a violation of national and international laws

I’m going to post two of my classmates discussions I need you to comment on them with this information. Each Discussion comment should be at least a paragraph.In your response posts, discuss the contribution of the media in newsworthy situations and defend your stance on profits resulting from tragedy. If applicable, please include how your stance may differ depending on the situation.

Discussion #1

The perspective that I have regarding the topic, the media aggravates many situations and also can be very bias in many situations. However in the case matter of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, the situation was not aggravated, in my opinion, the proper attention was given to the case based on how dangerous it was. Now it’s becoming routine cases of male African American being gun down by the police officer, in my opinion, not just the Michael Brown case need to be aggravated but all the other cases, if it’s going to shed some light to what happens daily in the US. Stephon Clack, Terrence Crutcher, Philando Castile, and Alton Sterling those are just some of the few black males that have fallen victim to what is currently occurring with police and brutality.

For my stance on profits resulting from the tragedy of Furgeson is disgusting, however as we all know the universe revolves around money. No matter how wrong something might be to society people still purchases it, everything sells. In the case of the Ferguson tragedy, the Digital Ally company profiting, is a positive note because people are trying to prevent this type of disaster from occurring and justice, by purchasing these surveillances equipment.

Discussion #2

I would argue that the media did have something to do with the aggravation of the situation, as people became riled up as a result of watching what unfolded on their televisions. The media wanted the story to be told based on their agenda, and part of that agenda included exasperating much of the situation for their benefit. A newsworthy situation formulates an opportunity for people to make money. This is the result of the unfortunate consequences of capitalism, as profiting off of tragedy seems to have become the norm. When a news station realizes that a story is going on that they could get views from and gain media attention off of, maybe at the same time highlighting something from their political or ideological agenda, they step on it immediately. On the other hand, this results in the media often elaborating on the traits of the situation that anger people, such as police brutality and race relations of the Ferguson case. It is horrific to know that some people and organizations see a tragedy and think of profiting rather than helping them, but this is much of the nature of the news media in this day and age, especially with the rise of online communication and social media.

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