topic 1 dq1 paragraph 1 1

Please write a paragraph with your opinion below, Please include citations and references in case you needed.

Using the health belief model, nurses can encourage patients to make immediate and permanent behavior changes particularly to life style changes by assessing the patients readiness to learn, make changes, resources available to help patients achieve goals, set goals, and evaluate plan. In our family practice office we make several assessments related to cancer screens and other health assessments. it usually starts with lab work. once the levels come back and teaching is complete about what an abnormal level is the patient, doctor and nurse develop a plan of how to proceed. For example, if a patient has a high glucose level the nurse determines if the patient knows what a “glucose” level is. from there the nurse assesses how the patient learns ie. demonstrations, brochures, group teaching like in diabetic education ect. in addition to glucose checks follow up is make approx every two weeks to evaluate the patients compliance, and understanding. If the patient is unable to check his/her glucose at home because he/she doesn’t know how to use a glucometer, adjustments are made and teaching is performed. compliance and evaluation to make changes is necessary and will assist in accomplishing a positive outcome.

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