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In this part of the project, you will be calculating measures on your data set using both the raw-data and grouped-data formulas in Chapter 2. For the set of data sent to you,

(a) find the mean, median and range of the data, treating it as raw data.

(b) make a grouped frequency distribution table consisting of 6 – 8 classes (recall that the instructions are found on p. 38)

(c) find the mean, modal class, variance and standard deviation from the grouped table – include all relevant columns of information you need ( Show work (if you make an error and I can’t see where you went wrong, then I can’t find your error!). After doing this, compare the mean you found from the table to the raw-data mean. Remember that since you use class midpoints as approximate data values, the grouped mean probably won’t equal the raw one, but I want to see how close the two measures are (in other words, how good the approximation is).

(d) write THREE interpretations of the data from the table. In other words, what do you learn about the set of data in grouped (organized) form that wasn’t apparent from the raw (unorganized) form? I DON”T want you to write general comments that describe the benefits of organizing data; rather, I want you to tell me what you learn about your particular set of dataafter having organized it. For example, if your set of data was a list of people’s heights, don’t tell me (for example) that organizing the data in a table helps you to see the distribution of heights; rather, tell me something (for example) like,”From the table I learned that the majority of people in the list had a height over 58 inches.”, a discovery that is not as obvious from an unorganized list of numbers!

Save your work (please use a filename that begins with your last name and that indicates what the file is (ex. DePriter PART 1.doc) and email it to me (there is NO drop box in ulearn.). I also accept pdfs and scans (jpgs).

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