1325 Online Exam 1 Deadline: As Prescribed in the Master Exam Schedule

Once you begin an online exam, you will have to complete it. You will only be able to view one question at a time (though you can backtrack). Do not begin until you are ready to sit for a couple of hours and complete the exam. The deadlines will be adhered to. If you miss a deadline you will receive a zero on the exam. Make sure that your computer and internet connection is reliable when you begin the exam. You will only have one opportunity to take the exam. Blackboard lets me know if you had a browser malfunction or if you simply quit the exam.

Allow 2 hours for each exam.

The exam will be on the following topics:

Increasing and Decreasing Functions

Extrema and First Derivative Test

Concavity and the Second Derivative Test



Curve Sketching

Asymptotes and Curve Sketching

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