Influence and Team Building

  1. Reviewing the “essentially ethical and honest influence tactics” in the textbook, describe which tactic would (has) work the best for you. Explain which you think would not work (or has not worked) for you or in your organizational culture.
  2. Which two of the leader actions that foster teamwork that leaders can take using their own resources do you think are the most effective/ useful? Are there any that you think are not useful for fostering teamwork? Explain your rationale.
  3. Based on the Reading, explain which forces for and against being a good team member are embedded in the U.S. culture. As a leader developing a team, how would you use the techniques in the Reading to address these challenges?

400 words min. references and citations required.

Textbook: Dubrin, A. J. (2015). Leadership: Research findings, practice and skills. (8th ed.). Boston:

Cengage Learning.

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