This is my doctor instructions, and I posted my midterm files so you can include it in the portfolio :

  1. Find a game of choice (football, volleyball, softball) on youtube or film you may have of your own. You are to create a scouting report by following the guidelines that have been laid out in the attachment. Please type in word, check for grammatical errors. When submitting your Assignment, please enclose with your Portfolio (that you submitted for mid-term). When posting portfolio, it must be one document. Create a cover page, that outlines each assignment. Please see attachment for example. What you see in bold are new assignments, adhere to deadlines that are set.this example: Scouting Report.PHEC.docxOpen this document with ReadSpeaker docReader
  2. Create a 5-day plan, starting with Sunday – Friday. What’s your plan for your team – April 21st
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