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You will select two of the essays that we’ve read.《coming home again》by Chang Rae Lee and 《shooting the elephant》 by George Orwell. You will choose specific themes/ideas/formal aspects that you will use as the basis for your analysis. Your thesis/claim should center around empathy but you can stretch things here. You will investigate a single claim (that you come up with) and discuss how it is presented similarly and differently in two ways.

Assignment Objectives

Summarizing (briefly) the texts in question and recognizing their structures, main arguments, and forms and uses of evidence.

Using transition words between paragraphs and between points within paragraphs

Forming a central claim that puts the texts in conversation, and sustaining and developing that claim throughout the paper

Selecting the aspects of each text, including evidence, that are most relevant to the central claim

Tracing and developing an organizational structure that sustains the central claim and supports a conversation between both texts

Using evidence to support claims throughout the paper, including the central claim, in form of quotes and paraphrases and properly citing this evidence

Practicing drafting, revising and editing skills

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