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Ethics in Workplace Communications

Use the Internet to research codes of ethics from your professional area of interest. Describe one thoroughly in your paper. Provide an introduction with a thesis, and a conclusion. Clearly address:

  • What are some crucial codes of ethics from your professional area of interest?
  • Describe an instance where a worker has violated one of the codes, providing a link to a description of the case (newspaper article, online news source, etc.) in your list of references. Cite and reference this using APA format.
  • Why is it important to maintain integrity at your chosen type of workplace?
  • How would you explain the ethical violation to the worker? What strategies on page 78 of Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace would be useful?

Write a paper with a minimum of two full pages, and maximum of three pages. It should be double-spaced with a cover page and reference page, which are not included in the page requirement. Use APA formatting for the entire paper. Cite any internet sources as well as any print or online journal articles you use as support. Appropriate sources include scholarly journal articles, books, credible websites, etc. Carefully evaluate .com sites for bias! Papers should be written using APA Style® format, including proper citation of sources.

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