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Please read the above article and give your opinion of autonomous vehicles and comment on at least two other students’ postings under this thread.


respond to these two comments (it doesn’t have to be long, few sentences to a whole paragraph

1: Autonomous cars are the thing of the future which are already utilized by companies like Tesla. I feel that these cars are an advanced way of travel that we can benefit from. This method of transportation is much more fuel effective, is generally safer, and also very convenient. The technology must be perfected to ensure safety to the passengers. I also think autonomous cars can help solve traffic issues by regulating traffic speed while communicating with other vehicles. Tesla are the pioneers of autonomous vehicles and have already released cars to the public with the feature. I have not heard of any incident related news to its self driving ability. I think one day soon these cars will floor the road to overall benefit the infrastructure of America.

2:My opinion on autonomous vehicles is that they are a great idea. One benefit for autonomous vehicles are it can reduce stress levels and offers the capability for drivers to rest or work while traveling. Reducing stress levels in drivers can improve roadway behavior in drivers so that drivers don’t get into a road rage with other drivers and cause unnecessary accidents and incidents on the roadway. Drivers that are stressed tend to lose control of their temper and drive recklessly on the roadways endangering other drivers on the roadway. But, with autonomous cars, drivers stress levels will be reduced because drivers can rest or work while traveling without being stressed out.

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