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Contemporary Approaches to Classical Mythology. You just need to directly analyze the bold and highlight points.

Analysis 2

Please write an essay which analyzes the role of mythology/folklore/fairy tales in Pan’s Labyrinth. Suggested length: 3 pages.

Your analysis should focus on how myth etc is used to emphasize a theme in the film. Themes we discussed include the following: parent/child relationships, political power, obeying and freedom of choice, time, an old world giving way to a new world – you are not limited to these themes.

A sample thesis might look like this: The moon symbolism in Pan’s Labyrinth uses ancient images and archetypes to comment on a twentieth century political struggle.

Or this: The faun in PL plays an important role in the political allegory of the film.

Your analysis will be stronger if you narrow your focus and do not try to cover too much. Support your observations with specifics from the film. Remember that the focus of the course is to examine how contemporary artists reinterpret ancient myths and archetypes and use that to frame your analysis.

MLA documentation is required – if you use any outside sources, there must be a complete works cited page and also parenthetical documentation within the essay itself. See the Syllabus and Information folder for rubrics, MLA resources and more.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the Questions Forum!

Here is some links you probably need – this is just the basic film overview which also includes film reviews etc! – comprehensive film review – this is a helpful overview of how the film functions as a political allegory – remember an allegory is a narrative in which characters represent certain values or qualities – int his film characters represent different parts of the old and new Spain as it emerges from a civil war and a Fascist regime.

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