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For MG McClellan, the following required information must be collected for EACH of the phases of the battle. The five, distinct phases of the Battle of Antietam are as follows (times are rough):

  1. Cornfield (6:00 AM to 8:30 AM)
  2. West Woods (10:30 AM to Noon)
  3. Sunken Road (Bloody Lane) (9:00 AM to 1:30 PM)
  4. Burnside Bridge (Noon to 1:00 PM)
  5. The Final Assault (3:30 PM to Dusk)

Separate the actions to separate slides, labelled with the phase in which they occurred.

1. Impact of Terrain, Weather, and Logistics (at appropriate level)

How did terrain, weather, and logistics factor into your leader’s decisions and how did impact the units’ ability to fight? Additionally, how did strategic factors, operational settings, and tactical situation impact the unit and your leader’s decisions?

2. Decisions Made During the Battle (at appropriate level)

What key decisions did your assigned leader make and how it impact the outcome of the battle (tactically, operationally, and/or strategically)?

3. Casualties Inflicted/Received After each Phase

This will be for bookkeeping. The strength of each unit after each phase will show how combat ineffective each unit became. This influenced leaders’ decisions to reorganize/reinforce/reconsolidate after each phase.

Furthermore, this website has maps for each phase with the placement of all of the major players in the battle, along with a running narrative of important events. Highly suggest you utilize.

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