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Format for written case analysis

Maximum page limit of 5 pages (and up to another 5 pages of appendix/exhibits) and must have a cover (not included in page count) and include the following :

Individual name

Date submitted

Course number

Title of case/assignment

• 12 point, double-spaced font, 1 inch margins on all sides.

• Number all your pages

• Also, companioned with your case write up should be no more than a 2 page executive summary in PowerPoint

• Assume you are a marketing/management consultant hired by the company that is the subject of the case (think/act like consultants) advising the company in responding to any of the questions provided; write the report as a consulting deliverable to a client

• Turn cases in no later than beginning of class. No late submissions (so as to be fair to your fellow classmates)

• Writing quality matters

Your case will be evaluated according the following criteria:

• Content (45 possible points): Included here is whether the student has substantially and fully examined all of the issues, problems, and understands all aspects of the facts of the case. Does the student fully understand the dynamics of the case and have they presented realistic alternatives, realistic objectives, and sound implementation strategies.

• Presentation Itself (30 Possible Points): Included here are layout, content, and readability of the slides or other forms for electronically presenting the material. Encompasses the applicable Excel slides, charts, graphs, data tables, a situation analysis, problem definitions, alternatives, and recommendations. (If a presentation is involved, the professionalism of the presenters).

• Completeness (25 Possible Points): Includes the correctness of answering questions from the instructor and/or audience members, as well as preparation by the student member to all of the relevant facts, figures, assumptions, recommendations, and strategies of the student.

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