A 4 page paper, APA Style format, Intext citations must be used to indicate from where all sources are derived and a reference list must be provided, The use of proper grammar, paragraphing and other writing skills must be evident. The text book must be one of the sources used. A minimum of 6 sources are required. Only academic articles, books, and authoritative websites (ex. .gov websites) are allowed. The New York Times News Papers may also be used. You must apply at least one theory discussed in the text book to your paper.

The Sociology Of Gender. Second Edition. Amy S. Wharton (Book)

There are several theories on this topic one is the relative amount of time women and men devote to household work or you could write about in the degree to which men and women specialize in different types of household work.You can even decide which other theories you can include in the research paper.

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