The purpose of the final examination is for you to apply the course instruction to workplace needs. The final examination is geared toward you demonstrating what you have learned this semester, and applying those concepts to help you consider the “next step” towards your professional goals.

Reading assignment:


Review TETW chapters 1-10.

Event to Mark 1960s “Battle of Newburgh”

Event to Mark 1960s “Battle of Newburgh”

Peer/group assignment:

Written assignment:

The instruction you received in this course is designed to help you think about opportunities in career choices. Additionally, how you perform in that career choice can be directly related to how you communicate in writing through memos, letters, reports, and other professional correspondence.

While the majority of professional communication is shared through electronic means, the basic written document remains the same – they are simply shared more quickly and more fully in an electronic form.

Explain in 200 to 250 words how you can use the instruction in this course to complement your professional goals. This instruction could be from the chapter reading assignments, the discussions, the written assignments, or perhaps something you read when conducting your research for the white paper report.

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