Argument Essay: (Against this Topic)

Topic: should students and faculty be allowed to carry guns on college campuses?

Essay Pattern:

Introduction: Paragraph 1: (Hook; Connecting Information; Thesis.) ( Needs to grab reader’s attention; needs to provide a general overview of the essay topic; include thesis statement that strongly and clearly states your point of view)

Body: Paragraph 2: Point #1 and an evidence that supports that point

Body: Paragraph 3: Point #2 and an evidence that supports that point

Body: Paragraph 4:Point #3 and an evidence that supports that point ( 3rd paragraph need to address a counterargument)

Body paragraphs Req: ( contain three points that supports the thesis statement; provide details to further explain each of the supporting points; the supporting points presented have the be order from the weakest to the strongest; acknowledge an opposing point of view and then explain why you think it isn’t enough to change your point of view?)

Conclusion: Paragraph 5: (Restated Thesis; Opinion; and Prediction) ( needs to remind the the reader of the main point of the essay; does the last sentences leave the reader with a strong final impression)


Essay Requirements:

5 paragraphs; Typed double space; 12 inch font size (Ariel or Verdana); Use proper MLA Heading; each point needs to be supported with evidence that are: fact, statistics, expert testimony.

General req: the idea has to flow smoothly into the next, sentences structures and lengths vary, every sentences relate to the thesis, everything needs to make sense, essay convincing, grammar, punctuation and spelling correct.

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