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For this assignment, please complete the following:

  • List the provisions of Wisconsin’s declaration or bill of rights and compare it to the U.S. bill of rights.
  • List at least two “case note” below two of the provisions in Wisconsin’s bill of rights in If Wisconsin does not have a bill of rights, use a different state’s bill or declaration of rights.
  • Include a screen shot of the page where you found the notes of decision.

The essay should be two to three pages in length and contain at least four cited legal sources. The essay should convey your original thoughts and comparisons. Be sure to address what you have learned from the section on case notes.

More into detail about the assignment:

For your written assignment, you are going to research Wisconsin’s constitution. Like the U.S. Constitution, Wisconsin’s constitution will have a “declaration of rights” or “bill of rights.” Your assignment asks you to compare the bill of rights in Wisconsin constitution with the bill of rights contained in the U.S. Constitution.

Format: Submission is supposed to be an essay. That means there should be an introduction, middle/discussion, and conclusion, with source list at the end. However, you can list the actual provisions in your Wisconsin’s declaration or bill of rights in either list form or narrative form. Feel free to use a chart if you feel like you can present the information clearly that way.

Discussion:Provide a general discussion of the differences and the similarities between the federal and state constitutional provisions. I’m not interested in technical differences (e.g. wording, order). Instead, I’m most interested to find if your state constitution has the same core rights as the Bill of Rights found in the U.S. constitution (the first 10 amendments).

Case notes: For two of the provisions of Wisconsin’s bill of rights, identify at least one case note related to that provision. That means your submission will have a minimum of two case notes. This case note should include the full citation, and your submission should include a screen shot of each case note. Make sure that with the case note you make it clear what specific article or section of your bill of rights the case note is related to, and that you cite to the case that’s at issue in the case note.

Note: All of the students in this class live in a state that has either a bill of rights or declaration of rights, so you should not have to look to another state. So make sure you know which Wisconsin has.

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