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Discussion Board Issue 1

Post some ideas you have about issues you think you have identified from the texts you have read from Unit

6 so far. Be specific and detailed and remember not to confuse the issue with the action.

Look for the insight into what the story is getting to.

Make sure you relate your discussion points to a Perspective of some type.

Questions to answer:


The tension in the story comes from the drab reality of the boy’s world contrasted with his romantic illusions

of love-there is a clear disparity here between these two notions.

Look for the references that describe his quest and the perspective from which he views Mangan’s sister.

Which disciplinary perspective is appropriate here?

Explain why the boy is unnamed.

Explain the difference between how the narrator views the events now in relationship to when they occurred.

How do the religious images and terminology reveal thematic aspects of the story? Give details.

How does the last line of the story explain the strongest theme here in the story?

Describe the boy’s Epiphany in “Araby”-look up the term if you are not familiar with it and be specific in your


2)“Hills Like White Elephants”

In “Hills Like White Elephants”, describe the setting and relate the significance of this setting to the

relationship between the man and girl.

In “Hills Like White Elephant”, select several significant details and explain how they relate to the story and

in particular reveal thematic aspects of the story.

Which disciplinary perspective is appropriate here?

Explain the relevance of the number two in the story-it is referenced multiple times.

What is the main theme here in this story? The story is virtually all dialogue, so the theme comes out of the

conversation. Note, in conversation look for what is not said as well as the actual words spoken.

Make sure you look up all the definitions of a White Elephant and consider what definitions are applicable in

the context of the story.

3)“Thirty Four Seasons of Winter”

Write a paragraph that describes how the story made you feel. Look at the lives of Ben, Clara, and Stephanie

from the beginning to the end of the story. In particular, look at Ben and Clara for parallels in their lives.

What issues does this story bring to light that are issues from the real World?

4)“Kids, the Internet, and the end of Privacy: The Greatest Generation Gap Since Rock and Roll” by

Emily Nussbaum (look it up in google)

Here were are today in 2016 with what you see described in this article so not think about ten years in the


What issues do you see on the horizon?

Will there be more problems than now or fewer? Why? Explain?

Submit your responses as one document and as an attachment

Discussion Board Issue 2

Take two of the texts from this unit and then post two specific thesis statements that might be used to write

an essay on an issue you see in those particular texts.

Make sure you relate your discussion points to a Perspective ( if applicable) –

Social Class, Race and Ethnicity, Gender Roles, Religion, Political Affiliation, Crisis Impaired, and

Socio Economic or some other areas of interest are places to start.

Here is your chance to test drive a thesis statement for your next essay.

Make sure you give some critical and substantive feedback to your peer’s thesis statements.

Your initial Post addressing should be 150 words minimum

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