Project Assignment 3

This is the third research project assignment for this course (NOTE: The research project builds on itself each week and will culminate with your final research proposal submission during Week 7). Ensure you use the same research project topic that you used for last week’s submission.

Note: This project assignment is an exercise to help you do your own proposal writing by reviewing what others have done. So read the selected articles carefully and complete the exercise.

Project Assignment 3: Write a literature review for your study. See pages 70-73 in your textbook for an example of a literature review (Chapter 3). Your literature review should provide both analysis and synthesis of previous studies as related to the research problem and question that you developed for your proposal. Your literature review should be 3-4 pages long and includes at least 5 different scholarly references with as many in-text citations as necessary in order to properly cite your work.

Note: The main purpose of the review of the literature is to: show how your study is related to, and extends, other work in the area. A well-structured literature review begins with broad/general information, then narrows the focus to those studies most closely related to the research problem. A well-written literature review emphasizes critique and synthesis of the work of others that is related to your own research problem

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