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This assignment is a part of your overall final project. Please make sure to incorporate this assignment to your final project; reference to Week 1 Final Project Template.

Apply ICS Security Best Practices

1. NIST 800-82, Industrial Control System Security,…

2. Identify unremediated risks and choose risk strategy: Accept risk, avoid risk, mitigate risk, share risk, transfer risk, combination.

Reference: NIST 800-37, Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems,…

Identify Vulnerability Continuous Monitoring Strategy

1. Examples:

a. Nessus – Bandolier modules.

b. Metasploit – ICS exploits.

c. Snort

d. Nmap – Identify ICS “friendly” scans.

2. Are these IA certified tools? How so?

a. For example:

i. NIAP:

ii. Common Criteria:

b. For example: Are these tools SCAP-compliant?

3. Create script rules for baselining each ICS system.

a. For example scripts rules should audit:

i. Installed programs.

ii. Users, groups.

iii. Shares.

iv. Services.

v. Processes.

vi. Etc.

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