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Times New Roman, 12pt font, 2.0 spacing, use APA for cover page, references page, andintext citations (no abstract necessary)

To Do: You must watch and take notes on the documentary Inside Job listed below. A websitelink is provided for easy access. The film may also be checked out from the DU library. Youalso have access to the documentary via ondemand, rental, Netflix, online, etc. In addition to thefilm, you must read, use, and cite a minimum of four (4) articles related to the 2008 Crisis.Articles can be from academic peer reviewed journals (google scholar), or other wellknowncredible sources (i.e. Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Business Week, if you have neverheard of the source, ask me first).

Film – Director – Web Link: Inside Job 2010 – Charles Ferguson – http://documentarymovie.com/insidejob/

Requirement: Write an essay between 1300 and 1800 words on what you learned regarding the2008 Banking/Housing Crisis. Provide a basic essay structure while discussing the crisis, as wellas your opinion, regarding the causes, actions, and effects surrounding the event. Feel free to becreative and write what you want to write about beyond the previously stated requirements, butyou must show me that you watched and learned the full picture of the crisis from the film andarticles.This is not an assignment for data regurgitation, but you should use and providestatistics to support your thoughts and analysis of the crisis. Please feel free to express yourpersonal thoughts openly even if disagreeing with the presented knowledge. In text (APA)citations are required from Inside Job, as well as a minimum of four (4) outside articles. Failureto adequately cite references will be interpreted as plagiarism. A title page and reference pagemust be included. Late assignments will be accepted with a 20% penalty per day late.

Grading: Score will be out of 50 points as follows:
Structure 10 points Content 10 points Clarity 10 points Outside Sources 10 points Personal Views 5 points Guidelines 5 points

Notes: I will reply to your email submission to confirm receipt of your assignment. The subjectline must read “Final Essay GSB 615”.This is NOT an essay on Inside Job, so your paper should not read as an outline of the film. It isjust the best quick source with a variety of foundational information. This is an essay on the 2008Banking Crisis, thus, your outside sources must be related and properly worked into your paper.Although I encourage your opinions and thoughts, they should be professionally presented.Therefore, stay away from using “I think this…I found that…I learned this…etc.”Although it is not required, graphs/tables are acceptable if used professionally and appropriately.Three examples of A quality essays have been put on Canvas for your reference.The use of citations does not mean quotes! Quotes are okay when used appropriately andsparingly. The purpose of citations is to borrow material to help strengthen/support YOURwriting, not a quote to repeat what you have already said, or say something you should bewriting yourself. Please thoroughly research proper APA citation use from the following link: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/664/01…

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