I have an Anthropology assignment. It’s an artifact class that study the ethnographic status of something.

This question is to compare different garbage amount 3 Chinese districts pit1, pit2, pit3.
Each pit has different categories clothes, food, personal items and others.
The name of the three pits are cities you can find on attached file.
There are questions need to be answered
Each pit has to be discussed in a paragraph.
Total of 3 paragraphs.
You can see those question on the attached files which is :

What you can say about the occupants of each neighborhood. What are they? How do they live? What privileges do they have? What do they do? Are the neighborhoods run by elders, kings, high priests, what?

Important: this is not a research paper.
Just answer the questions without research.
Plagiarism is taken seriously, please be aware of it.
12 inches double spaces MLA style.

If you need more questions ask me please.

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