Assessment 1 For this task you must research and answer the following points in your own words: 1…

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Assessment 1
For this task you must research and answer the following points in your own words:
1. Describe at least two avenues for identifying other relevant professionals
2. Explain the requirements of at least two relevant industry codes of practice
3. Explain the policies and procedures relevant to you role in a book-keeping organization
4. Describe the relevant statutory, legislative and regulatory requirements for documentation of accounting procedures
Assessment 2
1. To identify other professionals, where can the bookkeeper refer to? 150 words
2. How can the Code of Professional Conduct apply to tax and BAS agents? 100 words
3. In accounting and bookkeeping, why does the financial services industry rely on policies, procedures, and code of practice? 150 words
4. In documentation of accounting procedures, what is the role of AASB, TPB and ATO with regards to statutory, legislative and regulatory requirements?
Assessment 3
Answer the following questions:
1. How would the following people expect you to communicate with them?
a. Manager
b. Experienced colleagues
c. Buddy or instructional tutor
d. Work mates
2. When in a group discussion making contributions, what should you make sure of?
3. What are the standard responsibilities for bookkeeping?
4. List four examples of activities that fall outside the role and responsibilities of a bookkeeper, and for each outline the individuals who would perform those tasks and whom you could refer other to for advice and services
5. Who could you seek feedback from in reference to the range, type and quality of service to be provided?
6. What are 4 most basic and important ethical standards that you will need to comply with?
7. What types of publications and software tools can assist you to carry out bookkeeping activities? List at least five examples.
8. List at least six of the legislative, statutory, regulatory and industry requirements for carrying out accounting and bookkeeping work activities
9. What are the three phases to be considered when developing systems to support user needs?
10. What are the major compliance requirements to consider when developing instructions and guidelines for carrying out daily activities?
11. What should a systems review do?
12. What are the conditions you will need to identify in relation to your determined tasks?
13. Provide three tips for the planning of work to manage resources, time and priorities
14. What are the guidelines you should consider when providing feedback to team members to encourage, value and reward individual and team efforts, and contributions?
15. What are two of the method you could use to support team members to identify and resolve problems which impede performance?
16. Why is it important to be able to adapt to changes in technology and work organisation in a timely manner?
17. Why is it important to identify and review your professional development needs and goals on regular basis?
18. What are the requirements it is essential to ensure that you clarify and comply with?
19. What are the steps you can apply to identify the professional development opportunities that reflect own needs and goals?


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