Demonstrated understanding of key issues and themes in contemporary Australian culture… 1 answer below »

The requirements of this assessment item will vary for Australian and international students. Make sure that the assessment requirements you follow are the appropriate ones. Note that the assessment criteria are the same for all students. International students This paper is divided into three parts: 1. Look back over the material you have encountered in the unit and select three issues to discuss. Analyse: o some of the discoveries you’ve made about these issues and themes in Australian culture o your responses to those discoveries o your thoughts about this process of discovering another culture. Your reflective essay must consider your engagement with Australian culture through an everyday process of cultural engagement and through your understanding of the actual course material. The reflective essay cannot simply be a ‘travelogue’ of your experience. You must contextualise the everyday cultural engagement you select to comment on in terms of the critical material of the course. (800–1000 words) 1. Write a brief reflective response to the field trip (you may refer to an alternative approved by your tutor if you were unable to attend the field trip). How has a sense of belonging been articulated at the local level in your example/s? (300–500 words) 2. How has the process of learning about Australian culture influenced your understanding of and attitudes towards your own culture? (400–500 words) Assessment criteria • Demonstrated understanding of key issues and themes in contemporary Australian culture • Ability to critically reflect on the key themes and issues in a variety of cultural examples • Ability to analyse cultural diversity in the Australian context • Ability to reflect on your own experience of cultural engagement • Quality of the presentation: quality of the writing, legibility, formatting and referencing.


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