Emirates Steel Company owned by SENAAT Company. Emirates Steel consider as a governmental entity… 1 answer below »

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Organizations’ Brief Background I have done my internship course working as an intern in Emirates Steel Company owned by SENAAT Company. Emirates Steel consider as a governmental entity established in 1998. The company having two office; one is the Headquarter in Musaffah Industrial City of Abu Dhabi and the other is small sale office in KSA consist of 3 employees only running the office. The Company main core business is Utilizing the latest rolling mill technology to produce top quality rebar, wire rob and structural steel. It’s worth mentioning that it is the only integrated steel plant in the UAE. The company is consist of 11 plants: 3 Direct Reduction Plant (DRP), 3 Steel Melt Plant (SMP) and 5 Rolling Mills Plant (RMP). The secret behind the success of the company is “Desire to meet market demand by producing steel in a safe and sustainable way.” 1 (Emirates Steel, n.d.). 2Emirates Steel Philosophy Vision: To be the a world class steel manufacturer providing the highest quality product, services and solutions to our customers and maximizing returns to our shareholder Mission: To provide the construction, manufacturing and industrial sectors with their requirements of high-quality steel products. Maintain safe and environmentally friendly work practices across our operations. Create employment opportunities and inspire our workforce to excel. Contributing to the industrialization and diversification of the UAE economy in line with Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030. Value: ? Honesty ? Integrity 1 (Emirates Steel, n.d.) https://www.emiratessteel.com/index.php/en/who-we-are/success-stories/reducing-the-carbon-footprint 2 (Emirates Steel, n.d.) https://www.emiratessteel.com/index.php/en/who-we-are/corporate-philosophy ? Creativity ? Innovation ? Quality ? Pursuit of continuous improvement across all aspects of our business Management Style Principles: Business is conducted in accordance with rigorously applied ethical, professional and legal standards. Accountability: At each level management is responsible and answerable for executing their specific responsibilities and functions and thereby, on a consolidated basis, the full team takes responsibility for delivering the results required by the stakeholders. Feedback: Open communications throughout the workplace enables all employees to receive feedback on their performance and on the performance of the Company as a whole. Empowerment: Individuals perform best when they take responsibility for their areas of functionality – they manage their responsibilities, take ownership and responsibility, and delegate tasks effectively to their team members. Managers are responsible for building the skills and the development of their teams. Planning: Having a vision of the future and a clear ‘roadmap’ as to how the Company will achieve its objectives. In addition, the Company encourages innovation and continuing improvement, and champions continuous learning. Responsiveness: Responsiveness to our customers’ needs keeps us ahead of our competitors. 1. Overall Reflection on Internship Experience 1.1. Organization Structure and intern position: The Emirates Steel Company is used and follows a functional organizational structure that defines tasks, coordination, allocation and supervision of activities. This organizational stricter is helping the company in the attainment of the overall goals and objectives in an effective and systematic manner. In addition to this, this organizational structure of the company reflects the hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications, rights and duties of an organization. This suggests the people of the company about how they should perform their roles, functions and responsibilities towards the achievement of overall organizational goals and objectives. According to this functional organizational structure, the company had divided the organizations into smaller groups with specific roles and tasks. For example, the organization had divided the task under the IT (information technology), marketing, human resource management, sales & service, finance & accounting etc. Each department is run by the individual manager at the high level. For example, marketing and IT department is run by the marketing and IT manager individually. This organizational stricter is helping the company in attaining overall task at the time and effective. In the same way, this functional stricter is allowing the company to focus on collective goals and objectives of the company. Lack of interdepartmental communication is one of the major issues that faced by the company due to this functional structure. For instance, one department is working with the different department on specific projects that may have different expectations. Along with this, IT (Information Technology) Managers, SAP manager, IT security manager, senior employees are the key individual of the company. I worked with them in the company. In addition to this, I was working with the IT department of the company and responsible to perform a number of IT related tasks. For example, in the company, I was mainly responsible for two tasks and functions under the IT direction. Along with this, I would explain my combined task between Information technology and human capital. In the Emirates Steel Company, I was exposed to three main departments Information Technology, ERP/SAP and Human Capital Departments. I worked as a help desk operator and responsible to handle the issues associated with the information technology such as: outlook mails, PC, laptops, password. Handling and managing of software and devices are other IT related task that was performed by me. I was also responsible to create a ticket on the behalf of the customer and this ticket assigned by me to the knowledgeable technician so that issues can be handled and managed effectively. At the same time, creating the new account for the new employees was another major my task in the company. Moreover, I was also responsible for resetting the password and unlock accounts. During this time, it was also understood by me that how to resolve significant issues such as: fixing slow PC lag, remote controlling and developing new updates. On the other hand, answering the calls was another typical task that was performed by me. According to this role, I was responsible to solve the problem by understanding the different accents due to cultural diversity. Apart from the help operator roles, I also worked on a second major task in the IT department. Based on this role, I was responsible to study the quotes, highlighted the differences, and recommended the best quotes along with the reasons of why did I choose this specific quote instead of others. Figure 1. Information Technology Department Chart The above hierarchy chart is for Information Technology department. It shows how does the department divided their rules and task. The top manager is Mr. Ahmed Al Hosani then there are 3 senior managers, Miss. Alya Mahfoud is responsible for Support Team which include desktop and network support for the end users, helpdesk responsible for the Emirates Steel account related issues , Mr. Abdelghafour is handling the Security section which include all security softwares like Firewall, VPN and Antivirus, also, he is handling the intranet which tis the internal communication network along with the e-mails and data loss prevention software that detect potential data breaches or data exfiltration transmissions and prevents them by monitoring, and Mr. Azam is in charge of all the infrastructure tasks like the radio devices usage in the plants between employees, backup tapes to store all the company’s activities records. IT Manager Ahmed Al Hosani Infrastucture Mohammed Azam Avaya Phone Network Backup Radio IT Security Abdelghafour Al Ali VPN Firewall Data Loss Prevention E-mails Intranet Antivirus Support Alya Mahfoud System Analyst Desktop Support Network Support Help Desk Figure 2.SAP Department Chart The figure hierarchy chart is for Enterprise Resource Planning Department (SAP) Chart. It shows how does the department divided their rules and task. The top manager is Mr. Anand Singh then there is only 1 senior manager, Miss. Aisha Al Ahmed is responsible for all Human Capital System. The other is the SAP Systems used by Emirates Steel activities and for each there is only one employee who is responsible to ensure the system is work smoothly by the enduser. 1.2. Organization/Corporate Culture It is analyzed by me that, the company conducts its overall business operations, functions and tasks in the ethical, professional and legal manner. For example, the company is following ethical code of conduct and professional code of conduct in order to conduct a number of organizational functions. In addition to this, it is also accessed that, the shared values and beliefs of the company are based on the five core principles such as: honesty, integrity, innovation, creativity, and quality. Moreover, the general work atmosphere is positive and innovative SAP Manager Anand Singh SAP Portal – Employee Self Service ESS SAP Human Capital Management HCM SAP Funds Management FM SAP Documeents Management System DMS SAP Quality Management QM SAP Accounting FICO SAP Material Management MM SAP Plant Maintenance PM SAP Production Planning PP SAP Sales and Distribution SD Sernior Employee HCM Aisha Al Amed because it supports the individual employees needs and wants. In addition to this, the interaction between employees, managers, top management and customers are also very good because all the organizational people work to attain a common organizational goal or objective for the overall success of the company. The behavior of the employees is also acceptable because they provide support and advice to their co-workers or new employees about how to attain their dayto-day task effectively and successfully. 1.3. Evaluation of the Organization or the department: As, I already discussed that, I worked at the Emirates Steel Company that is one of the leading and fast growing company located in Abu Dhabi – UAE. Based on the SWOT Analysis Matrix, it is evaluated that, the following are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the organization such as: Strengths Weaknesses ? Diversified Product Portfolio ? Most Trusted and Respected Brands ? The Green Belt – Protecting the environment ? Operational efficiency to become international leaders ? Depends on domestic and a few international markets for generating business. Opportunities Threats ? Increasing demand for steel ? Adapt newer technologies ? Growing manufacturing, construction and automotive industry around the world ? Intense competition ? Decreasing global steel prices ? International competition Strengths: Diversified Product Portfolio: It is found that, Emirates Steel Company has a wide range of steel products. The company is offering these products at lower cost than others in the steel industry. This diversified product portfolio, helping the company in increasing its market share, profitability, and revenue level. Along with this, it is also achieving the competitive advantages due to strength. Trust of Emirates Steel Company: Emirates Steel is one of the largest, biggest and fast growing respected and trusted companies not only in the UAE but also in the global market. This trust, respect, image and reputation of the company is providing immense brand equity to the company in an effective and proper manner. The Green Belt – Protecting the environment: Minimize environmental impact by drawing water very carefully from local sources and planted trees and grass irrigated by the treated wastewater that previously would have been discharged back into the sea. Weaknesses: Operational Inefficiency: The operational inefficiency of the company is affecting the success of the company in the market and due to this; it is not able to become International leaders in the steel industry. So, it is suggested to the company that, it should focus on improving its operational efficiency by using innovative and effective technologies, systems, strategies, and approaches. Depend on the Domestic Market: This is one of the major weaknesses of the company that is depends on the domestic market and the little international market in order to generate business and improve profitability and revenue level. This over-dependency on the domestic market is affecting the overall success and growth of the company in the global and international market directly or indirectly. Opportunities: Increasing Demand for Steel in the Global Market: At the current time, the demand for the steel is increasing not only in the domestic market but also in the global market. So, the company should take effective steps to grow in the upcoming next five to seven years. This step would help the company in improving its profit, revenue, market share. Adapt Newer Technologies: In order to become the global and international leader, Emirates Steel Company should pay attention on using newer technologies such as: process, Hismelt process. These technologies would help the company in improving company’s manufacturing process and systems. This would also help the company in offering competitive advantages in the market. Threats: Intense Competition: The Company is facing intense competition in the global market and this is reducing its market share around the world. Decreasing Global Steel Prices: Excess steel production in China meant that it supplied steel cheaper to the world which forced the process to lower down throughout the world. 1.4. Reflection and Analysis of Ethical Issues In Emirates Steel Company, I faced mainly two types of ethical issues related to Time Commitment and Careless behavior of the employees. For example, the employee of the company was performing their task in a careless or lazy way. However, this issue can be overcome by using various strategies such as: providing timely feedback, identifying any training, knowledge, or skills gaps, change perceptions, finding the reason of carelessness, focus on developing and enhancing performance, teambuilding, personality development or character development, talk to employees individually about the mistakes. The second ethical issue relates to Time Commitment as the employees are always late for meetings. In order to resolve this issue, the company should focus on creating relationships with the employees, open communication, creating clear understanding about organizational core objectives, vision, and mission, overcome employee stress. 1.5. Linking knowledge to Civic engagement and impact of internship on personal life There is a strong and positive link and relationships between Management Information System (MIS) and development of society. For example, MIS plays a number of significant and effective roles and functions in the development of society. MIS is allowing the people of society to understand analyze and use a number of tools, technologies, knowledge and system of IT in an effective and proper manner. MIS has a direct effect on the development of the society because MIS creates structure database and a knowledge base for all the people. In addition to this, I would share and spread knowledge about MIS to the society by making them knowledgeable. So, they could be able to use the concept of MIS and technology in their day to day life. Along with this, the service to the community through the internship had a direct impact on my personal life. For example, it is learned from me that how to use a number of IT concepts in the society. Moreover, it also allowed my skills, learning and abilities to work in the society. 2. Field Internship Project 2.1. Project Components Introduction As the technology and systems are in a consistent development new updates need to be released to follow up these new enhancement. Emirates Steel is always enhancing their workflow methodology to make it more easy and adoptable by the end-user. Information Technology Department is responsible to register all assets bought by the company and use it for Emirates Steel accordantly. The records of these assets were done in old school method manually on excel sheet which create a duplicated record, misentered data and forgot to update the status. This results in many audit conflict, loss of money and time. To avoid all these issues the department have decided to create a completely well integrated system that help the department’s employees to track the asset process cycle from order quotation to the installation and use of the assets and then to the disposal status. In addition, IT department handling all the request related to desktop, software, hardware, account, e-mail, passwords, and the list goes on. The integrated system have combined all these requests into a single webpage to make request easy to handle. The purpose of the new integrated system is to monitor all the products and assets of the organization back to 2009 until today and to handle all requests related to IT department in more effective and efficient way and to monitor the progress of the requests. The integrated E-IT system as they name it was tested in March, 2018 and launched after 4 months in July, 2018. I joined the department in September 2018 and they were still yet not updating the assets. The major mission was to update all Emirates Steel assets to ensure they all up to date and guarantee they have a sufficient amount of those products to result in money saving, time and effort. My task was to enter the assets to the system and update the status of previous products that was added on July. The project based on problem they notice during audit period. The problem was some product are not registered on the excel sheet, duplicated ESBarcode, out of warranty period, wrong category, un-updated status, wrong assigned user, unlinked to a purchase order. As I have mentioned previously the Information Technology Department are gathering and addressing all issues they faced before and try to find a suitable and applicable solution, as they are innovative and impassion for more success. Approaches to Implement a Project There are various approaches which can be used by the IT department in the implementation of the Integrated system containing a single webpage. Among approaches which can be used in the project, implementation includes crash implementation, phased implementation, and parallel implementation. Parallel Implementation This approach of implementation implies coming up with a new system of operation but the system has similarities to the older system making it easier to switch between the old system and the new system. In the parallel implementation, once the new system is in use the older system is switched off but in cases where the new system fails, the old system can be reused. For the project internship project, the new system will be put on test to see how it responds to demand but if the new system fails, then the old system will be used to handle software, account and email passwords. Phased Approach Emirate Steel can also use a phased approach in implementing the new integrated E-IT system by moving services through phases from the old system to the new system. The use of a phased approach of implementation will help resolve issues like unregistered data in excel files during the switching process. The use of a phased approach ensures that there is a systematic way of upgrading the system from one system to another without interfering with service delivery or misplacement of data. Crash Implementation Approach In this method of implementation, there is a careful planning process to ensure there are minimum issues from the change of systems. The proposed new system has to be tested and be retested to ascertain that minimum issues will result from the chances. Emirates Steel ought to have done a pilot test on the new system before implementing it to avoid issues of loss of any data and ensure that monitoring services to the progress of requests are happening as planned. Resources Needed for Implementation People: A successful project requires a team or group of people who can work together with a common agenda of making the project success. Since this project involves IT development, Emirate Steel will need to employ IT experts who can come up with the best webpage that can make work easier for Emirate Steel and with minimum errors. Material: Emirate steel will also need to have good machines (computers) and other necessary IT equipment which can run the new system effectively. Designated Mission My task in details, I was responsible for the difficult part as they were busy with other project they are working on. First, I have gather all excel files related to IT assets and products. Then I gather all the information of all different products and divide them accordingly into categories. After creating all essential groups, I have to divide those groups according to the vendor. I have to check the product name then compare it to product details written in the excel sheet. Step 1: Gathering all Excel file related to the IT assets and inventory. In this step, I was collecting the Excel files that contain all the information related to the assets that Information Technology department are responsible for. Step 2: Dividing assets according to supplier/vendor. Emirates Steel is having contracts with different vendors to provide certain items. My mission is to divide IT purchasing items according to vendor to make it more accessible. Step 3: Dividing the assets into different related category. Besides dividing the vendors, I was responsible to divide those assets into different category related to the items. For example I have create category called “workstation” under workstation there was two sub-category “Laptops” and “Desktops”. Inside laptops, there was all laptops type that Emirates Steel is using, in same way for other products. Step 4: Comparing data from the Excel sheets and E-IT portal. In this process, I needed to compare all the information from the excel sheets with the information entered in the portal. Product Name, Product Type, Original Serial Number, ES Barcode, Date of Acquisition, Warranty Period, Warranty Expiry Date, To Whom the Product is Assign for (the user), The Location of the User, Supplier of the Item, the Purchase Order and many other entities. Step 5: Entering the missing data. After Comparing all data I have to highlight the missing entities and check with the employee who is responsible for the data entry process, after having those missing data I have to enter it in a right manner. Step 6: uploading purchase order After all the 5 steps are done and checked. My responsibility now is to collect all purchase order and enter it in the system. Entering the vendor name, contact address, purchased items and quantities. Total price, discount (if any). Step 7: Link purchase order to the purchased Items. It is important to make sure that step 6 is done properly to avoid any data conflict and link which item is bought under this specific purchase order for the company reference. Step 8: Creating report for each Category In this process, I have to generate report with all the necessary data for the audit purpose. It is important step to ensure all assets divided in a good way and there is no missing data. Step 9: Comparing report with the E-IT assets Portal In the pre-final step I need to compare the Excel Sheets from step 4 and updates those sheets according to the final changed have made to ensure all information in the right place and avoid any wrong or duplicated data. Step 10: Double Check The final step is to check all 9 steps before submitting the task to ensure all data and information are carried in a professional manner. Difficulties to Implement the Project The above steps are my part of the project. I have faced many difficulties for sure. The most tricky part was to check the product or item status since I am not allowed to make field visit to check wither the item is still in use or not in the mentioned department and user. I have to make phone calls, it takes time to reach the end-user and make them understand how to locate the original serial number or even the Emirates Steel barcode number to know which item I am talking about. In addition, among expected challenges to be experienced by Emirates Steel are uncertainties on their IT equipment such as machinery on whether they can handle the new system effectively or their equipment will need to be upgraded. They may also experience a problem on the possible loss of data when switching between the old system to the new system. Results, Evaluation, and Recommendations The new system has more advantages compared to the old system which was being used by Emirate Steel. Among the advantages includes easy access to product information. The system new system can make auto updates when the product has been used, updates on the warranty period, you can check assigned user and automatic update on product status. The system is highly recommended for other companies who do their businesses using IT platforms since it provides a better update on products and saves more time when checking on products status. 3. Weekly Journal: Seventh Week Activities Week: 7 From: 04.11.2018 To: 08.11.2018 Learning Experience Link to Internship Objective 3Type Unit/Department # of Hours 1 Meeting with SAP manager and senior employee 7 I.T SAP 2 h 2 Introduction about the SAP structure 1, 3 Ob SAP 4 h 3 Introduction about HRM module 2, 3 Ob SAP 5 h 3 Abbreviations according to task nature: (Ob = observation, I.T = Instructional Task, A.S = Activity Under Supervision, I.A = Independent Activity) 4 Self-assignment to understand what does logistics in SAP modules and write according to my understanding 2, 3, 4 I.T, Ob SAP 12 h Total working hours for the seventh week: 26 hour Eighth Week Activities Week: 8 From: 11.11.2018 To: 15.11.2018 Learning Experience Link to Internship Objective Type Unit/Department # of Hours 1 Sitting With Financial and Controlling (FICO) employee who is responsible for my Learning for 2 weeks – Introduction and discussions about the Company and the system. 1, 2, 5, 7 Ob SAP 10 h 2 Learning about the full system navigations 6 I.T SAP 18 h Total working hours for the seventh week: 28 hour Ninth Week Activities Week: 9 From: 19.11.2018 To: 22.11.2018 Learning Experience Link to Internship Objective Type Unit/Department # of Hours 1 Meeting with HR Department and SAP to introduce the new system 4, 5, 7 I.A SAP 3 h 2 Learning the basic about the new system before it released to the key-user 4, 5, 7 I.A SAP 3 h 3 Learning about the Self-Service tasks 3, 7 I.T SAP 2 h 4 Leaning the new proposal process and systematic 1, 2, 7 I.A SAP 9 h Total working hours for the seventh week: 18 hour Tenth Week Activities Week: 10 From: 25.11.2018 To: 29.11.2018 Learning Experience Link to Internship Objective Type Unit/Department # of Hours 1 Understanding the Procurement lifecycle Purchase Request 4, 5, 6 I.T SAP 6 h 2 Understanding the Sale lifecycle 4, 5, 6 I.T SAP 5 h 3 Leaning about Transaction Codes used in Human Capitan 3, 4, 7 Ob, I.T SAP 10 h Total working hours for the seventh week: 21 hour Eleventh Week Activities Week: 11 From: 04.12.2018 To: 06.12.2018 Learning Experience Link to Internship Objective Type Unit/Department # of Hours 1 Learning the different between each Transaction Code used by Human Capital Department and the use of the code 3, 4, 6, 7 I.A SAP 15 h Total working hours for the seventh week: 26 hour


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