Scenario #1: Yount Hospice, Inc. Sizemore Enterprises is an up-and-coming consulting company. Althou

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Scenario #1:  Yount Hospice, Inc.


Sizemore Enterprises is an up-and-coming consulting company.  Although it has not been around as long as some of the more well-known companies, it has made a professional reputation for itself, particularly in the fields of health care and non-profit organizations.  The company specializes in fund raising, image consulting, financial turnaround advice, and leadership training. 


You are a business/marketing strategist for Sizemore Enterprises, Inc, and your specialty is in health care accounts.  Yount Hospice, Inc., which is, in part, a publicly funded corporation, recently hired your company to advise them on two important matters.  First, Yount is weighing a decision to accept AIDS patients and needs your advice on whether to proceed.  Among other issues, Yount is concerned about the potential increased costs related to admitting AIDS patients.  Secondly, the managers want to discuss a marketing strategy to maintain the Yount’s image as a compassionate organization, with a financially conservative philosophy.



Yount has a sizable account with Sizemore, and they warrant special consideration; therefore, your boss is supervising you a little more closely than usual.  He asks for a memo describing your preparation for the meeting with Yount officials.  He asks you to describe the ethical, public health, and financial issues involved.  In addition, he wants you to describe the marketing strategies you would develop to address the issues that you identify.

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