Reform Strategy/Plan for your chosen LDC (Zambia)

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Reform Strategy/Plan for your chosen LDC (Zambia) — (150 points)

Over the course of this class, we will thoroughly discuss various theories and ideas about how to move LDCs toward modernization.  There are few agreed upon solutions by the experts. Furthermore, each LDC has unique challenges requiring a customized plan that will press beyond their circumstances keeping them from substantial development. In this assignment, you will provide a customized plan for your LDC – making suggestions for its successful competition in a globalized world.  To do this you must describe the obstacles of your country, present solutions that will bring your particular country development, and explain how your solutions pertain to the LDCs particular circumstances.  This will be done in a 3-4 page essay using APA formatting with at least 3 outside resources.  Paper must include both in-text citations and a References page (not to be included in length requirements).

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