International Ocean Transportation

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Research Topic: International Ocean Transportation 


Note: The research paper is a formal paper and the text should be formatted
using APA style – double-spaced. The paper is expected to be properly prepared
and professionally presented paper. That means a title page with a correct
header and a running head, the core text of your research, and a reference list
fully and properly set up and laid out with a minimum of six external sources
of cited material. There should be 2000 to 2500 words of text/content excluding
the material covered above, anything over 3000 words is too long and anything
under 1250 words will be treated as non-responsive and will not graded.


International Logistics class

Text Used

David, Pierre,
& Stewart, Richard (2010). International Logistics. 3rd Edition.
Mason, OH: Thomson ISBN 13: 978-1-111-21955-0

I can provide chapters in pdf or doc

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