theatre study questions

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1. please articulate your understand of the role of the audience in the contemporary American theatre experience. the text refers to the experience of attending a Broadway Production. with this in mind, identify and describe three other types of theatre that companies have developed over the last 50 years.

 2. identify the nine crafts of theatre as articulated in our class discussion.

3. Identify and define three types of staging configurations. if you were to mount a production of Lysistrata( its a book), what configuration would you use and why? what staging configuration would you use for Proof(its a book),and why?

4. What staging configuration was used for That Complete History Of America, Abridged(its a book)?Please discuss your thoughts on the challenges and opportunities presented by this particular audience-actor relationship.

5. who wrote Lysistrata(its a book)? To what genre does this play belong?

6. Name four specific objectives of the scene designer.

7. what are two objectives all designers must have in common, toserve a theatrical production? 

8. briefly describe the actor’s instrument. Out line an actor’s preparation for one of the characters listed below, addressing the following concerns specifically:

     how does s / he walk,talk,sit,stand,and handle props?

     what does s ? he love,hate,and believe in? what are some of 

     his ? her cherished thoughts and memories? ehat is s / he afraid of?

     what does s / he want? what does s / he do to accomplish objectives?

    Catherine       Robert       Lysistrata       Hal        Myrrhine         Cinesias

9.  Please articulate your thoughts on the specific use / functionality of the various design elements in the Production of A Comolete History Of America ,Abridged(its a book).

10. in what type of theatre was The Complete History Of America, Abridged performed.

 11. define fourth wall. did the actors in The Complete History Of America, Abridged remain behind the fourth wall? 

 12. Please explain the following terms, often utilized in staging a play:

   Downstage     Upstage     Stage right     Stage left

 13. It is often said that theatre is paradoxical. For example, a play is spontaneous, yet it is rehearsed. Please describe two other examples of the paradoxical nature of theatre.

 14. Identify and define the 6 components of a play, according to Aristotle, and the 7th, later articulated.

 15. Explain two ways in which the chorus of a Greek play might be utilized.

 16. Identify and define the elements of the pre-play, the play proper and the post play.

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