AC Circuit Measurements Analysis

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AC Circuit Measurements


1.  Watch video entitled “Module 1 – AC Circuit Measurements”

2.  For Laboratory Application Assignment on pgs. 467- 468 examine Fig. 15-36.  (Ignore “Using the Oscilloscope and Function Generator” section on pg. 467)

3.  Perform the following calculations:

o  Rt

o  Irms

o  V1(rms)

o  V2(rms)

4.  Scan all calculations showing all work in a file called “Lab1_Analysis_StudentID”.

5.  Upload file “Lab1_Analysis_StudentID”


1.  Construct the circuit in Fig. 15-36 with MultiSIM.

2.  Measure the following values with a DMM:

o  Irms

o  V1(rms)

o  V2(rms)

o  VT(dc)

o  V1(dc)

o  V2(dc)

3.  Measure the following values with an oscilloscope:

o  VT(pp)

o  V1(pp)

o  V2(pp)

o  VT(rms) – requires a calculation 

o  V1(rms) – requires a calculation

o  V2(rms) – requires a calculation

4.  Capture a screenshot of measured values and paste into a Word document entitled “Lab1_Simulation_StudentID”

5.  Answer all questions in the “AC Circuit Measurements” section on pg. 468 in this same document.

6.  Upload file “Lab1_Simulation_StudentID”

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