Investigate an Organizational Problem and Identify Alternative Solutions

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Unit 5 Assignment (no page requirement – just make sure all aspects of question are answered completely)

Literature Research Paper – Alternative Solutions

At this stage in your investigation of an organizational problem, you are ready to identify and advance alternative solutions to the problem. This is done in a logical research process. A possible research tool that you may find useful is a logic diagram; reference page 112 in the Vandenbosch text.

In designing solutions the researcher must consider the importance of plausibility. The solution may sound wonderful, but is it plausible? Also, what are the intended and unintended consequences of the solution ideas? These are relevant and valuable aspects that should be included in your Unit 5 discussion of Alternative Solutions.

Identify Alternative Solutions to the Problem;

– Identify 3 or more possible solutions to the problem

– Create a logical diagram that illustrates: findings, conclusions, and solutions. Reference figure 8.2 in Vandenbouch

– Discuss plausibility of solutions.

– Discuss intended and unintended consequences.

– Advance best solution that addresses organizational problem.

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