Assignment This is an individual assignment. Task Your task is to: choose, research and critically d

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Assignment This is an individual assignment.
Task Your task is to: choose, research and critically describe the company culture, environment and leadership style of a company you would like to work for or a company where you have worked in Please use the concepts and models covered in the workshop.
Guidelines The assignment has been designed to allow you to develop and demonstrate your understanding of the working environment and practical application of your knowledge.
The 2 key texts by G. Chapman and P. White are the most important tools to be used in this analysis/work.
Your work must comply with the recommended word count, within a margin of +10%. Any assignments that exceed this will be penalized by forfeiting of 10% of the marks. Word count excludes the index (if used), headings, information contained within tables, references, bibliography and relevant appendices.
The project should be submitted electronically (Word or pdf), written in Arial 12 point font, 1.5 spaced, standard margins.
You must express your work in English.
Assignment Structure 1. Cover page Your name, course name, title of your report.
2. Introduction & Background
Briefly describe the theoretical background and introduce the reader into the topic.
3. of the company (700 800 words)
It should include the following: o Fundamentalfactsaboutthecompany:industry,companysize,location,
country(ies) of operation, their vision, mission, organization chart, etc.
o Company culture o Type of management and leadership style
Assessment Criteria You will be assessed on the relevance, content, depth, structure, quality of your English and
referencing. The assessment outcome is PASS / FAIL with oral presentation of the works. Format of the Project:
1. The report should display a coherent structure: title page should include student name, module name, lecturer name, date and school name followed by contents page, introduction, executive summary, methodology, findings, analysis, conclusions, recommendations, referencing and appendices.
2. The project should be prepared as a neatly typed Word document (Times New Roman 12 points), with double spacing and page numbering.
3. All projects will be discussed in class in a power point presentation of no more than 20 minutes. The presentation should be a summary of your work. The powerpoint presentation should be printed 4 slides per page and submitted attached to your project, otherwise submission will be rejected.
4. Tables or work/data taken from other sources may be included in an appendix.
5. All sources must be referenced in the text and a full bibliography must be provided
(including visited websites) in the Harvard style referencing system. Paraphrasing or direct quotes taken from other sources must be clearly indicated with citations. No footnoting!
6. Students are reminded that depth, relevance and variety are the crucial elements of quality research. (Wikipedia is not considered to be a relevant source of information; any students referencing Wikipedia will be deducted marks! Alternatively if you find information on Wikipedia use the original sources listed at the bottom of the article)
7. Students are reminded to use valid and peer-reviewed references to support their work. Websites should only be used if they represent an established source and only for facts and figures. Students should make the most of academic and practitioner books and articles.
8. Submission should be by the deadline below and should include a hard copy to the lecturer and an electronic copy to your academic coordinator
9. Late submissions will incur a 5% per day reduction in grade. After 5 days late the student will receive a 0 grade and will have to re-sit the project.
10. All work must conform to University regulations on Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism as described in your program handbook. You are advised to use the Harvard referencing style and avoid plagiarism.

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