Leaders develop position profiles to help them determine the specific job requirements needed to ach

Leaders develop position profiles to help them determine the specific job requirements needed to achieve goals and objectives. As evident from the position profiles you have seen, each profile begins by identifying the primary purpose or responsibility of the position and continues by listing necessary traits and characteristics individuals must bring to the job. The profile also includes the competencies the individual must be able to demonstrate to do the job well and the work that needs to be produced. A position profile helps the leader define the knowledge, skills, and personal traits and characteristics needed by individuals in that position, in order to fulfill the primary responsibilities at a superior level.
If a leader does a thorough job of developing an agenda that has the store’s critical short and long-term objectives stated, and the leader has the necessary position profiles for the store, then the leader’s next step is to assess the existing team to make sure the team members have the capacity to achieve the store’s objectives. It is critically important to the success of a leader to learn how to determine and evaluate the competency gaps for all store positions and team members. The leader answers and completes the following in order to evaluate the team:
What areas of competence or strengths must the team members be able to demonstrate in order to achieve objectives?
If after assessing the team, the leader determines that all team members are capable, the next task is to continue setting expectations and gaining commitment from all team members.
If there are apparent gaps in required competencies, the leader:
Identifies the gaps.
Determines which gaps can be filled by training or development.
Determines if the staffing plan needs to be changed by moving staff into different positions, letting staff go, or acquiring new talent.
You have already completed a Team Leader’s Agenda for HCE. In this assignment, you will use available information to assess if the HCE store’s workforce is capable of achieving the objectives defined in the agenda.
Once again, assume the role of the General Manager for the HCE store in the case study.
Refer to course content, outside research on workforce analysis, and the following resources as you complete this assignment:
Your previously-completed HCE General Manager’s Agenda
Your previously-completed HCE Sales Solution Specialist position profile.
The HCE Case Study (click here )
The position profile for a General Manager at HCE (click here )
Analyze your resources to determine the competency gaps that exist in the store team, that if not addressed, would prevent you from achieving the objectives set out in your leadership agenda. You may need to complete a brief position profile for the Solutions Manager position to help you in your workforce analysis.
Click here to access a template for completing a Store Team Development Plan. This template contains the following elements: position being analyzed; identified gap or competency need; required action to correct the gap or meet the need; resources required to correct the gap or meet the need; and the due date for correcting the gap or meeting the need. Identify at least three positions in the workforce where gaps or competency needs are evident. The positions may be Solutions Managers, Department Managers, Sales Solution Specialists, or your own position of General Manager. (General information from the case study must be used to identify gaps/competency needs for individuals filling some positions, since information on specific individuals filling those positions may not be provided) Complete the Store Team Development Plan template with a summary entry for every element.
In an expanded discussion of each element:
a. Assess how current conditions would prevent you (the General Manager) from reaching the goals and objectives set out in your General Manager’s Agenda.
b. Decide what is the best way to overcome each of these gaps or competency needs (coaching, training, shifts in staffing positions, letting staff go, or hiring new talent).
c. Make and defend predictions about the effects your recommended actions would have on overall store performance during the current season.
Write a four-page paper (minimum) that thoroughly addresses all of the areas included in instructions #4 & #5. Include your completed Store Team Development Plan template as an appendix to your paper. The minimum length does not include the title page, abstract, reference page, or any additional pages containing charts, appendices, etc. Cite a minimum of two outside sources used in your research. You must give appropriate credit to the sources of the material, both external and internal.

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