Task: Your task in this first essay is to make an argument about the nature of early African America

Your task in this first essay is to make an argument about the nature of early African American literature. In this paper, you will focus on African American literature from the slavery period. Procedure: ? You may discuss any works that fall into this category, up until the abolition of slavery. This includes works that were not assigned for this class, or other sections of works that were assigned, such as other parts of Douglass autobiography. You may include any work that falls into this period and category.
? You need to make an argument about what this literature is: you are trying to persuasively define its essence. This means you must both analyze these works, to identify essential components and synthesize the results of your argument into a persuasive interpretation. You should support all points you make with supporting evidence and you must include examples from at least three primary texts. Feel free to include outside research if you choose, but you do not have to.
? You may focus this assignment in any way you choose. You could, for example, answer any one of the following sets of questions:
o Which work or works are most important for African American literature, and why? o Which work or works of African American literature are most important to America, and why? o What do these works say about slavery? About the longstanding American ideal of liberty? o What is the relationship of these authors to one another? Format: ? Include an APA title page ? The essay should be 3-4 pages, not including the title page and reference page. ? Use the objective, third-person voice and professional, scholarly word choices ? Use APA format for in-text citations and references when using outside sources and textual evidence.
Essay #1 The Slave Speaks
ENG 260 African American Literature
? Create a reference page for all sources.Please be careful about plagiarism and make sure that the analyses are your own.

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