ASSESSMENT QUESTION Until recently Lord and Lady MacDonald held the registered freehold title to App

ASSESSMENT QUESTION Until recently Lord and Lady MacDonald held the registered freehold title to Apple Farm, 200 acres of farmland (comprising a farm house and barn), set in Gloucestershire (the farm). Two months ago they sold the freehold title to the farm to Sir Adrian Pollock for 10 million, exchange and completion occurring in one day. Whilst Lord and Lady MacDonald were the owners of the farm, they granted various rights to certain friends, family and neighbours, viz:- (i) In 1998 they granted a neighbouring farmer Ben, the right to install, operate and maintain a sewer pipe under the barn on the farm, for a consideration of 10,000. This agreement was reduced to a signed Deed dated 2.5.98. (ii) In 2000 they entered into a signed written agreement with another neighbouring farmer, Mary, whereby in consideration of 50, Mary was allowed to store her collection of rare Victorian bicycles in the barn on the farm for life; (iii) In 2007 by Deed they granted Derek (another neighbour) the right to park, load and unload up to 2 vehicles on the forecourt of the farm house for 30 years; (iv) In 2008 they entered into a written agreement with Lord Macdonalds sister Joan, whereby in consideration of 1, Joan was given the right, on one calendar months written notice, to purchase the farm for 6 million; (v) In 2015 Lord and Lady Macdonald told Lord Macdonalds brother Tony, that if he cleared their mortgage debt over the farm to the tune of 50,000 and refurbished the farm house kitchen, Tony could have a 20% stake in the farm. Tony immediately took up permanent residence at the farm, cleared the Macdonalds mortgage debt and refurbished the kitchen. Since 2009 Joan has also stayed at the farm for half the week. None of the above rights have been protected by registration. Joan and Tony have just found out about the sudden sale of the farm to Sir Adrian Pollock of which they previously knew nothing. Advise Ben, Mary, Derek, Joan and Tony as to (i) the nature of any rights they may have and (ii) as to whether they are enforceable against Sir Adrian Pollock.
OSCOLA style of footnote citations
Please present the results of the research alluded to in 2 in a succinct and comprehensible essay, advising the various third parties as to the nature of their rights and enforceability of the same as against a Purchaser of the registered land. Please use OSCOLA for format referencing.

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