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Local: The government has defense contracted employees that work alongside military counterparts to perform daily duties without having to fall under the stipulations of the Unified Code of Military Justice. These contracted employees can work CONUS and OCONUS but have the opportunity to assist the Department of Defense on a state and federal level. Defense contractors would fall under the private sector because they are hired within a contact from large corporations to work alongside military members.
State: Air National Guard is operated at a state level. Members of Air National Guard have the opportunity of volunteering to serve in the military but are more than likely required to respond by the state when there are situations of crisis. Mobilizations orders for Air National Guard members are typically done on a volunteer basis where reserve and active duty components are tasked with deployment orders.
Federal: At a federal level, units are typically tasked from active and reserve units to fulfill mission requirements. For example, Air Force Reserve component and Active Air Force units are tasked with more OCONUS orders because guard units are the primary responders for CONUS.
Primarily, the three work together to fill all mission requirements appointed by the Commander in Chief but there is a difference in their commitments. Contractors arent considered a voluntary force due to the fact that they arent taking an oath to defend the constitution whereas members of the military are voluntarily doing just that.
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