discussion board 1263

Option One: Thus far the course has been breaking down concepts in “Training” and “Development” regarding a needs analysis and setting up the training program. After you establish the needs and training objectives your next step is to design lessons to address the objectives and main topics. Your lessons are complete and tomorrow is the first day of training. You have been given a classroom to conduct the training. What would you do first and what factors would you consider regarding the facility? Explain why and your reasoning.

Option Two: Many training professionals state that questioning is an art and technique that has to be learned, practiced, and mastered to enhance training, measure understanding, and engage trainees. The military instructor training courses use a method called the “Apple” technique with “ask, pause, pick, listen, & expand” for each letter. It is an effective technique and really helps engage the students. Discuss what you think each letter means and how it would fit into your training presentation. Then explain whether you think this is an effective questioning technique and why or why not.

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