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Lab: Virtual Pig Dissection

In this laboratory, you will examine those features that represent mammalian anatomy and modifications characterizing the mammalian embryo.

Virtual Pig Dissection:

As you go through the lab, the scientific method will be your guide to the process. Click here for more information about the scientific method.

Introduction: The anatomy of a fetal pig is remarkably similar to the anatomy of most mammals, including humans. In this laboratory, you will carry out the virtual dissection of a fetal pig. As you examine each anatomical structure, try to memorize its name, appearance, and location. Also try to relate each structure to its function in the mammal body.

Anatomical terms used in this lab:

left: the pig’s left side

right: the pig’s right side

dorsal: towards the back

ventral: towards the belly

anterior: towards the head

posterior: towards the tail

lateral: towards the side


External anatomyRespiratory systemExcretory system
external nareslarynxrenal artery
dorsal rooterepiglottisrenal vein
pinna (plural=pinnae)tracheaureter
thoraxlungsurinary bladder
umbilical corddiaphragm
urogenital openingthoracic cavity
scrotum (males)
genital papilla (females)
Digestive systemCirculatory systemMale reproductive system
glandspericardiumvas deferens
hard palateatriaurethra
soft palateventriclesbulbourethral gland
epiglottiscoronary arterypenis
thyroidcoronary vein
thymusanterior vena cavaFemale reproductive system
esophagusposterior vena cavaovary
stomachpulmonary arteryuterine horns
small intestinesubclavian arteryvagina
caecumsubclavian vein
large intestinecarotid artery
rectumjugular vein
pancreasumbilical arteries
liverumbilical vein
gall bladderspleen


  1. Explore and report on the various organs and organ systems in a mammal, as typified by a fetal pig.
  2. Study the interconnectedness and dependence of the major organ systems of a mammalian body.

Time Requirements:

This lab should take six to seven hours to complete.

Recording Your Observations:

Click here to download the lab report for this lab.

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